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Welcome to RHD Specialties. We are a licensed/bonded automotive dealership and importer based out of Kent, Washington. We specialize in importing the cleanest, 100% legal Japanese and European cars into the US from around the world. We only offer cars that have been inspected and meet our standards for quality, safety and reliability. We are true enthusiasts, here to serve the fellow enthusiast. 


I just want to say, if you are in the market for any imported vehicle. This is where you buy it from. That's it! No more questions, just call and talk to the friendliest folks I've ever spoke to (Andrew, Michael). And tell them what you want, and they will do it. These guys not only made my first experience like this smooth, but also had the patience for my first experience. I honestly had no idea what I was doing or how it would get done. But these two dudes assured me it would all pan out. And it did! I'm glad, actually honored I dealt with RHD Specialties. Couldn't imagine going anywhere else.

Steve R.

You will find no one who will hustle harder to get you the car you want. Carlos and his team were great and did everything they could to make my R32 GTR buying experience a memorable one. Even when the process didn't work like it was supposed to, they hustled harder. Now I have a great car and a great project for me and my son to share. I highly recommend these guys and fully expect to see them at the top of the importation game for a very long time.

Leon B.

This is by far the best place to go. I have never had a shop go as above and beyond to help make sure everything pans out properly. My situation was a little abnormal to say the least but long story short the owner and the guys at the shop all kicked ass, great group of guys. Shop here with no fear grab yourself a car and enjoy. If anyone would want to hear more about it feel free to msg me anytime.

Chris H.

The guys at RHD Specialties were really great to work with. It is immediately clear that they love what they do and it really shows. I flew in to pick up a car, and they had it serviced and prepped to make sure I got home safely. 1,300 miles later it still runs like a dream! I really hope to do business with RHD Specialties again in the future.

Michael E.

Great group of people who are true enthusiasts with a passion for what they do. I purchased from them out of state and was sent very detailed photos along with video showing the entire car. Shipping arrangements were very hassle free. Great to purchase from a company that shares the same passion that we do. Overall a very hassle free process and I would recommend them to anyone in the market.

Brandon S.