We are currently working with a few lenders to finance the cars we have available here at our shop.

We do not offer in house financing at this time.

Question and answers at the bottom of this page. 



Option 1: LightStream Lending


Requirements; 630 minimum credit score or Co-Signer

(Each situation is different)

We recommend LightStream for people who have taken out a loan before and have some established credit. Good or mild, the rates are very good for a classic car


Option 2: Collector Car Lending


Requirements; 600 minimum credit or Co-Signer

We have been able to finance people through this company who have been denied at JJ Best and Light Stream.


Option 3: JJBest LLC


Requirements; 650 minimum credit score or Co-Signer, 10-15% down.


Dial extension 204 or ask for Joe Forte

Joe Forte is our lead agent

We recommend JJBest for people have taken out a car loan previously.


Are you active duty? If yes check out 


Navy Federal Credit Union


Requirements: Minimum requirements are entirely situational based off of credit history and desired loan amount. 


Q: Can I take out a loan to source a car in Japan?

A: No, lenders do not allow loans unless the car is already here.


Q: What will be my monthly payments and percentage?

A: This is all set up through your lender and we can not answer these questions, it is based on your financing terms and credit score.