1. The first step is to find the car you want that IS NOT RESERVED. You can find these cars in our En-Route & Inventory Pages. Can't find one? Contact Carlos at "carlos@rhdspecialties.com" for information on locating your dream RHD Car.

2. Contact us at 253-929-8391 to get a final out the door price with shipping if out of state; or staying local in Washington.

3.Get a Pre-Approval from our lenders from our FINANCING page. You can use your own financial institution or credit union that will finance a 25 year old classic car.

4. Call us at 253-929-8391 to put a **Non Refundable Reserve Deposit** on the vehicle you are interested in. 

5. All Paper Work will be completed and sent via Email communication.

6. We shall receive FULL PAYMENT within SEVEN CALENDAR DAYS

7. We then, can schedule for shipping, or if you would like to come to our location for Pick-Up.

 ** Non Refundable Reserve for restocking purposes ; Reserve Stipulation $29,999 and below will be $2,000. Anything $30,000 - $49,999 will be $3,000. $50,000 or more will be $4,000.