1995 Mazda RX-7 FD3S Bathurst R *Sold*

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The FD RX-7 is arguably the most recognizable vehicle to come off of the Mazda production line. With perfected 50/50 weight distribution, and a 13B rotary engine capable of serious power, these cars embody true race car feel. Here we have a rare example of the FD lineage and Mazdas trilogy in the Australian racing scene. Enter the FD Bathurst Type R.

The FD Bathurst name commemorates the Bathurst 12-hour race, where the RX-7 was victorious for three consecutive years from 1992 through to 1994. Sales of the RX-7 Bathurst R were limited to 500 units solely for the Japanese domestic market, making it a highly sought after sub model of the FD3S chassis.

We were lucky enough to recently secure and import this prime Bathurst. This is an incredibly well preforming machine; featuring a meticulously maintained twin turbo 13B, a smooth shifting manual transmission, and enough modest modification to make even the most knowledgeable Mazda gearheads drop their jaw. If you're in the market for a rare Japanese race car, then your search ends here. This RX-7 is ready to tear up winding mountain passes, attack road courses, or just enjoy Sunday evening street cruises. So, what are you waiting for? Let's go zoom!

-90,278KM *Verified* (56,096 Miles)

-Tanabe Professor Wheels

-CWest Wing

-DMax Style Hood Vent

-HKS Coilovers

-HKS Catback Exhaust

-ARC Intake

-HKS Charge Pipe

-Fujita Engineering Engine Damper

-BN Sports Style Front Bumper

-BN Sports Style Side Skirts

-BN Sports Style Rear Bumper

-Aftermarket Turbo Timer

-ATC Steering Wheel

-Factory Front Upper Strut Brace

-Factory Power Windows

-Factory Power Mirrors