1985 Toyota Corolla ae86 Levin

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If you're looking for a clean stock ae86 then this is perfect. On the outside you will find the iconic panda paint job, this paint in very good condition with no scratches or dent anywhere. It is still stock height and sitting on watanabe wheels, this car still has a very classic and oem look. On the interior you will find it is very stock with only an aftermarket steering wheel and temp gauge. As for engine work this 86 has been left completely stock, it runs amazing. These cars are known for being extremely fun to drive even when left stock. Overall this is a very clean ae86 which are very hard to find in stock condition, this is a great car to be turned into a track king or a great daily driver.

162,263 km ( 100,825 Miles )


- New paint job

- Aftermarket steering wheel

- Temp gauge

- Strut bar

- Watanbe wheels