1990 Eunos Roadster

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The Eunos Roadster is the Japanese version of the Mazda Miata. What really stands out about this car is it's immaculate condition and low mileage. From it's paint to the interior, you can really see that the car was cared for and carefully maintained. 

On the outside, you will find flawless paint and a soft top that is in perfect condition. No tears, fades, or stretching. The back of the soft top is a glass window and not the vinyl that some models come with. The eyes on the headlights can be removed, they were added to the car in Japan, they are soft silicone that stick to glass. No residue will be left behind. Everything on this car is fully functional.

Inside the car, you will find it to be exceptionally clean and tastefully done. The bucket seat helps keep you in place, the roll cage keeps you safe and stiffens up the chassis. 

This car is a very clean and great sounding car. The tuned/chipped ECU really makes a difference in it's performance, making it a quick and zippy car, this would be perfect for Auto X or even some windy roads.

-100,491 Km ( 62,442 MILES )

-Engine Torque Strut

-1.6L Engine

-Roll Cage

-Chipped ECU w/ Tune

-NPG Coilovers

-Nardi Steering Wheel.

-Underbody Chassis Brace

-Watanabe Wheels 

-Full Exhaust w/ Test Pipe

-Nardi Steering Wheel

-Driver Bucket Seat