1990 Honda CRX SiR

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This Honda is not like the ones we have in the states! This CRX SiR came with a B16A from straight from the factory but it is swapped out for a TYPE R B18C motor, which is a well know engine that is built for very many purposes! It's a very quick motor from the factory combined with how light the car is, it is sure to amaze you.

The car has received a compression test and got 200psi across the board! We are more than happy to do this in front of you/send you video!

The interior on this car is extremely clean! Free from distractions of gauges and a cluttered dash, you'll notice that the cage is not intrusive to anything. The cage allows use of the rear seats. CRX's in the USA did not receive rear seats, SiR models or even the strong Type R B18C motor! The car is one to see in person! 


-176,677 KMs ( 109,775 MILES )

-P1 Racing Wheels

-Championship White Paint

-Full Roll Cage

-MoMo Steering Wheel

-Samco Radiator Hoses

-Feel's Intake