1990 Mazda RX-7 Convertable FC (Turbocharged)

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Unlike its USDM N/A counterpart, this JDM convertible FC Mazda RX-7 come with a turbocharged 13b Wankel engine. It arrived to us last week with 210,821 km (130,998 mi) with solid motor compression and clean undercarriage and in great condition inside and out. This car gives you a thrill ride from the past while never forgetting to stay connected with the driving experience that most cars these days can't deliver. The car is pretty fairly stock with the exception of some bolt on modifications such as Rays wheels, Momo steering wheel, HKS blow off valve and 5Zigen catback exhaust. These chassis are becoming harder and harder to find in conditions like this and soon they will be harder to find in general.

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210,821 km (130,998 mi) compression tested and confirmed with solid compression 

Rays wheels with BBS center caps

Rare matching Infini seats

Momo steering wheel

HKS blow off valve

5Zigen catback exhaust

Adjustable front upper strut bar

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