1990 Mazda RX-7 Savanna Turbo

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Own a piece of rotary history with this immaculate RX-7 FC! The car does not lack in power being the turbo II model in the slightly rare Savanna trim. The car has been left stock with a good taste of Mazdaspeed Ray Wheels added! It even has it's stock OEM electronic dampening suspension on and fully functional. The lower mileage and stock motor leaves you not having to question the type of driving that was done to this car. This car is ready for extreme modifications or kept stock to be one of the more different powered daily drivers. 

The car's interior is completely immaculate clean of modifications, distractions or flaws! Everything inside is completely stock and left true to it's roots. Drive away in a piece of history today!

- 94,593 KM ( 58,777 MILES )

- Mazdaspeed Ray Wheels

- MoMo Steering Wheel