1990 Mazda RX7 FC

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The 2nd generation of Mazda’s beloved RX7 if here! This is a clean convertible 1990 Mazda RX7 FC. This high quality RX7 has minimal mods and low miles. With only 103,140km (64,088mi), this car would make a great and fun daily. Besides being a fun lightweight car, this rotary beast is rare and hard to come across. The first thing you will notice about this FC is the Fender Flares giving the car a more aggressive look and being able to fit wider wheels than stock. This is a convertible so you’re able to cruise the roads with the top down. What also would make this an ideal daily is the functional AC and Heat which is perfect for warm and cold weathers. This car looks very clean and is in top shape inside and out. The interior is mostly stock besides the Defi Boost Gauge, Recaro SR3 Driver Seat and Momo Steering Wheel giving the interior a more stylish look. This car is has high quality parts as well such as Buddy Club P1 Wheels, GAB Adjustable Shocks, an Aftermarket Air Filter, Rare Ganador Mirrors, and a Fujitsubo Axle Back Exhaust. This is the perfect platform if you want to build an RX7 FC to your liking, daily drive, or even tear up the track. Own this rotary gem today!



103,140km (64,088mi)


Buddy Club P1 Wheels

Fender Flares

Aftermarket Air Filter

Rare Ganador Mirrors

Recaro SR3 Driver Seat

Defi Boost Gauge

Momo Steering Wheel

Fujitsubo Axle Back

GAB Adjustable Shocks

Functional AC

Functional Heat