1990 Nissan 180sx

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The Nissan 180sx is a fastback produced between 1988 and 1998 based off the successful S chassis line. The 180sx was exclusively available in Japan and was re branded the 200sx or 240sx outside of Japan. Available with either a CA18DET or SR20DET this 180sx is equipped with the much preferred SR20DET. HICAS was an optional feature and this car does not have HICAS installed which is a big plus for anyone looking to drift and shaves a few pounds off the car.  



-Respray with glitter speckle 

-M's adjustable dampening struts and springs

-Upgraded rear sway bar

-Adjustable front subframe brace

-Apexi computer

-Apexi boost controller

-550cc injectors

-Stage 2 adjustable cams 

-stage 2 lifters

-R33 front brakes

-Turbo timer

-Front mount intercooler 

-Full exhaust 

-Re-wrapped leather seats

-Body kit 

-Stainless radiator 

-Z32 Mass air flow sensor  

-Clear front turn signals