1990 Nissan Laurel Medalist Club L

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Originally produced by the Prince Motor Company and sold by Nissan after the two companies merged the C33 Laurel remains the most popular generation of Laurel to modify primarily for drift applications. Parts for the C33 are not hard to come by as it shares the same layout as the A31 Cefiro and 4 door R32 GTST, as well as having identical suspension parts to an S13. Marketed as a luxury sedan on release the Laurel has a roomy comfortable leather interior and old school JDM look with squarish body lines. This laurel comes equipped with a "silver top" RB20DET that features an improved head design and the ECCS (Electronic Concentrated Control System) engine management system. A 5 speed manual transmission swap is a popular upgrade done to the C33 as they all came with factory automatic transmissions. Given the wide availability of parts and cross compatibility you can build these cars to fit a wide range of styles from drifting, VIP luxury, or comfortable classy daily driving. The C33 is also the last of nissans 4 door hardtops to have no B-pillar.


-105,246 KMs ( 65,396 MILES )

-Tien Coilovers

-Cusco Front Strut

-Air Intake

-E-brake Button

-Leonard Wheel

-Shift Knob

-Enkei RP01 Wheels