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1990 Nissan Skyline GTS-T

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this GTS-t has a very clean and almost stock exterior but has lots of work under the hood. With a OP6 turbo running 12 psi, Blitz front mount intercooler, 750cc injectors this car is making 295 hp to the wheels! lowered with BC coilovers and sitting on buddy club p1 wheels this car has an aggressive stance that is a great mix on function and form. On the inside of this car you will find a nice Bride bucket seat and a sparco steering wheel in great condition. You will see this car has a perfect dash with no bubbles or cracks which is very rare for these cars. Over all this is a solid GTS-t that is ready for the track or to daily drive. 

105,640 Km ( 65,641 Miles )   

currently making 295hp to the wheels in high boost

- E boost street 

- Blitz SE FMIC

- nistune ECU

- 750cc injectors

- High flowed OP6 turbo

- Braided oil lines

- 17 inch buddy club p1’s

- BC gold coilovers

- Camber arms front and back

- Upright arms front

- Mismo 1.5way differential

- Bride bucket seat with bride adjustable brakctes

- Sparco steering wheel with D1 spec quick release