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The Galant Vr4 was Mitubishi's first high performance four wheel drive vehicle which started production in 1987. Equipped with a full-time four-wheel drive system, a four wheel steering system, four-wheel independent suspension, and four wheel ABS. With a 4g63 making 237 hp and 224 torque this car if perfect for on road and off road. Only 3000 of these were ever sold in the US to satisfy Group A rally regulations. This Galant is in very good condition with great paint and a very straight body. Interior is in perfect condition with no rips on the seats or cracks on the dash. As for modification wise the car is mostly stock with only some coilover, wheels and exhaust which makes it perfect for daily driving or to modify to you liking. 

125,302 km ( Miles 77,859 )


- Enkie Rims
- Aftermarket coilover
- Strut bar
- After market exhaust