1991 Nissan R32 Skyline GTST

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This GTST is a perfect starting car. With no modifications besides exterior, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the motor or even suspension. The car has been left stock internally and is ready for someone to put their own work into or make into an awesome daily driver!

The paint on this car is absolutely bright, shiny and you can tell even more in person. The interior is incredibly immaculate. The lower mileage on this car only adds to it's overall value to show the car was not driven much at all! 

The exterior modifications add a subtle touch without going too far to put your own take on it. With the OEM side skirts, OEM rear spats, OEM GTR wing it and after market front bumper it adds together to make a skyline that sticks out from the rest.

-69,189KM (42,992 MILES)

-GTR Wing

-Type M Sideskirts

-Type M Rear Spats

-Aftermarket Front Bumper

-Immaculate Paint and interior