1991 Nissan Silvia

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This Silvia is a well rounded platform modestly upgraded with high quality parts that boost performance and handling along with improving exterior and interior aesthetics. A large radiator and filter relocation/oil cooler combo helps keep engine temps low which can all be monitored from the DEFI triple gauge set up mounted on the dash. A Trust intake filter, HKS blow off valve and HKS Hi Power cat back exhaust provide improved air and exhaust flow while presenting all the desirable sounds you would want from a turbo car. This car is tuned on an Apexi Power FC ECU and is therefore not affected by the installation of an atmospheric blow off valve on a MAF equipped engine. Currently running 14 psi of boost, power and acceleration is not left for want of more while remaining within the generally accepted safe level of boost on a stock turbo. This Silvia is a serious contender for anyone that wants to get a car with solid improvements to all aspects of performance and reliability. 

221,865 Km ( 137,860 Miles )


- Wangan wing

- 17" Buddy Club P1 wheels

-Carbon fiber hood

- Trust air filter

- Hks EVC boost controller

- Oil catch can

- HPI radiator

- Aftermarket front mount intercooler

- Cusco skid plate

- Coolant surge tanks

- Greddy oil filter relocation with oil cooler

- Cusco strut bar

- Apexi NT coilovers

- Aftermarket rear toe bar

- Hks hi power catback exhaust

- Bride racing seat

- Sabelt harness

- Greddy turbo timer

- Apexi power fc with controller

- Greddy boost controller

- Defi boost, oil temp, oil pressure gauges

- Factory option cup holders 

- OEM sun roof with visor 

- Juran lug nuts