1991 Nissan Skyline GTS-T

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Don't let the higher kilometers on this car deter you from considering this GTS-T as a serious option. The car itself is a relatively stock chassis with tasteful mods to improve handling and performance. Adjustable dampening coilovers reduce body roll, improve road feel, upgrade handling capabilities and lend to a more aggressive look. A cone air filter provides higher intake air flow and enhances the driving experience by amplifying intake and turbo sounds under heavy acceleration. An Apexi RS catback exhaust system paired with a test pipe gives this GTS-T a deep throaty exhaust note without being uncomfortably loud or droning at higher speeds. A manual boost controller has been installed for easy adjustability of the maximum boost level. The car is currently running 14 psi. Even during cold starts the motor fires up right away every time and the whole car exhibits signs of a well maintained past. 

223,582 km (138,927 miles)


- Aftermarket coilovers w/adjustable dampening

- Manual boost controller

- Cone filter on intake

- Apexi RS catback

- Test pipe

- Advan RG1's