1993 Mazda Rx-7

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The FD RX-7 is a legendary car in the import scene with a perfect mix of style and performance this car is a must for any import lover. The FD RX-7 made Car and Driver's Ten Best list for 1993 through 1995, for every year in which it was sold state-side. June 2007 Road & Track proclaimed "The ace in Mazda's sleeve is the RX-7, a car once touted as the purest, most exhilarating sports car in the world." After its introduction in 1991, it won the Automotive Researchers' and Journalists' Conference Car of the Year award in Japan." 
136,530 Km ( 84,835 Miles )
- 18" Shallen Wheels
- Strut bar
- HKS intake filters
- Vacuum hoses replaced with silicone 
- MOMO shift knob
- Defi boost gauge
- Tein coilovers
- Fujitsubo catback exhaust
- Mazdaspeed body kit
- Vented hood
- Vented headlight cover
- New paint job Mica Yellow
- Leather seats 
- Silicon intake vacuum hoses