1992 Mazda RX-7 FD

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This legendary JDM classic has only 12,267km which converts to 7,622 original miles. The FD RX-7 made Car and Driver's Ten Best list for 1993 through 1995, for every year in which it was sold state-side. Recently painted titanium grey with oem 99 parts, the body is very straight and clean. This RX-7 is sitting on 18in Work VS-XX wheels. With the many stock parts, this is the perfect platform for you to build your FD just the way you like it.  If you love RX-7's this is definitely one you won’t want to pass up.
  • 12,267km (7,622mi)
  • New paint job
  • 99 OEM front bumper
  • 99 OEM wing
  • Origin lab side skirts
  • 18in Work VS-XX wheels
  • Racing energy surge tank
  • Mazda racing development oil cap
  • Strut bar
  • Blitz boost gauge
  • Panasonic head unit