1992 Nissan Fairlady Z

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This is a perfect example of an extremely clean Fairlady Z with some minor mods. On the outside you will find perfect paint with no scratches, dents or rust spots. lowered on Tein coilovers and sitting on 18" Warwic wheels this car has a very nice but functional stance. On the inside you will find it's completely stock and in great condition, no cracks, rips or burns. it's hard to find a 25 year old car with interior in this good of condition. As for engine work this z32 is stock besides an exhaust which sounds very good but is not to loud. Overall this Z is in great condition, if you're looking for something to daily drive or a nice clean platform to build on this car is perfect. 

23,143 Km ( 14,380 Miles ) Unverified with service record since 3,000 Km's


- Staggard Warwic 18" wheels

- Veilside exhaust

- Hornet alarm

- Carrozzeria radio

- Tein coilover

- Nismo oil cap

- Tinted windows