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The Pulsar GTI-R was created by Nissan to enter WRC Group A racing from 1990-1994. This is the only vehicle Nissan made fitted with the ATTESSA all wheel drive equipped 277hp 54C version of the SR20DET. The AWD torque split is an even 50/50 distribution of power front to rear. Sharing the same body as a standard N14 Pulsar the GTI-R can be distinguished by the large rear wing and the vented hood design. Nicknamed "Baby Godzilla" due to their likeness to Skyline GTR's with the AWD turbo power plant the GTI-R was one of the ruling hot hatches throughout the nineties.   

122,567 Km ( 76,159 Miles )


- Monza " Drift " intake filter

- Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

- Front mount intercooler

- Aftermarket radiator

- Hr racing wheels

-Excessive ground kit

- Upgraded cam shafts

- Manual boost controller

- Hyper medallion catback

- Upgraded garret turbo

- Tanabe struts with lowering springs

- Front lip / Skid plate

- Apexi RSM ( rev speed meter )

- Aftermarket shift knob