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1992 Nissan Skyline GTS-T

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This GTS-t is at a perfect stage to daily drive or build into whatever purpose driven car you please.The suspension has been modified with aftermarket struts and lowering spring providing improved handling and a more aggressive looking car. The engine is bone stock so reliability is no problem for this car. accompanied by a broader exhaust tone through an aftermarket exhaust this car sounds amazing.The interior is completely stock besides a boost gauge, with some small dash bubble which is very normal for these cars. This car is a solid runner and will give great performance no matter which direction it's taken in.

74,698 Km ( 46,415 Miles )

- New paint

- Aftermarket struts and lowering springs

- Boost gauge

- Catback exhaust

- Gtr wheels

- Type-M sideskirts

- Type-M rear valances