1993 Nissan Skyline GTS-t

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 This GTS-T is a serious option for anyone who wants a basically stock GTS-T with a few quality performance and visual mods. On the outside you see this GTS-T had a 400r bumper and type-M side skirts and spats along with a GTR wing, Lowered on Cusco coilovers and hitting AVS wheels this car looks amazing. This car does have some scratches on the paint which is normal for a 25 year old car, we do offer painting services so we can get his car painted whatever color you like. As for engine work on this car its still very stock besides the Apexi cone air filter that provides higher intake air flow and Blitz BOV this motor is stock and ready to be modified or left alone and daily driven. On the interior you will find it is also mostly stock with a D1 spec steering wheel, Greddy boost guage, FET turbo timer and with no bubble in dash this interior is great condition!

110,901 Km ( 68,910 Miles )


- 400r Bumper

- Type-M skirts and spats

- GTR wing

- Cusco coilovers

- AVS wheels

- Apexi intake 

- Blitz BOV

- D1 spec steering wheel

- Greddy boost gauge 

- FET turbo timer