1993 Nissan Skyline GTS-T R32 *SOLD*

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Ladies and gentleman along with everyone in between, we present you with he chassis that started a movement! Sadly the quantities are diminishing which will affect the supply and demand. 1993 Nissan skyline GTS-T R32, arguably one of the most highly sought after car in the import culture. This Gun metal grey (KH2) R32 is over all in tip top shape, with engine is in its stock factory form, displaying its cleanliness and Nissan 90's era engineering. The interior of the car is not to be neglected, and appears to be very well maintained. This clean slate of a skyline in its current condition would be a great daily go getter or a perfect base to build upon. 

138,147 Km (85,840 mi)

Advan Model 5 wheels

Fujitsubo cat back exhaust

Functional climate control

Function factory power options

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