1993 Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25t

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This is an extremely clean R33 with some quality modifications all together making a very well rounded skyline. On the outside you will see a brand new red paint with a Type-M front bumper and type-M side skirts. On the inside you will see some very nice upgrades such as a Momo steering wheel, Turbo timer, and A pillar auto gauges. The engine on this car is what really makes it shine, with a aftermarket intake manifold, intercooler, PCP wastegate, and boost controller this car is a beast on the streets. Even with all of the mods on this car it is still very drivable and can be functional daily driver 

139,684 Km ( 86,795 Miles )


- New paint

- Type-M bumper and side skirts and spats

- Front mount intercooler 

- Coil overs

- 350z wheels

- Aftermarket intake manifold  

- PCP waste gate

- Turbo Smart boost T

- GTR grill

- Brake master brace

- A pillar auto gauges

- Momo steering wheel