1993 Toyota Celsior

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The Toyota Celsior was a luxury sedan introduced to the japan market in 1989. Powered by a 1uz V8 and a 4 speed automatic this car has some power and is very comfortable to drive. On the outside of this Celsior you will see its in great condition, very shiny white paint with very little flaws. Lowered on BBS wheels this car has a better stance then factory but is still very functional. On the inside you will see its all in mint condition. since the Celsior was designed with luxury and comfort in mind you get very big comfy seats with nice wood grain accents and all electric controls. As for engine work this car is stock. The 1uz produces 250 hp which is perfect for a nice cruiser but also has potential to make some serious power! Overall this Celsior is in amazing condition and ready to be a great daily driver or your next VIP project car.

Km 96,515 (59,971 Miles )


- 2" lowering spring

- BBS wheels