1993 Toyota Supra RZ

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Everybody knows the MK4 Toyota supra is a legendary car that are know for being extremely fast and  the king of the streets. Here is your chance to own an extremely fast and well built supra. Making 864hp to the rear wheels this car is scary fast and fun to drive. With a huge garret turbo, HKS cams, Forged pistons, rods, running e85 and other parts this car is very built!

82,254 Km ( 51,110 Miles )

864hp at rear on E85 26psi

516hp at rear pump gas 19psi


- 6 speed v160

- Exceedy racing hyper carbon series triple plate clutch

- Veilside 6 speed short shifter

- BC height and damper adjustable coil overs

- Hks 272 cams

- HKS Forged pistons and rods

- 4” dump pipe 3.5” exhaust buddy club and muffler

- Surge tank with 2x Bosch 455lps external fuel pumps

- Walbro intank fuel pump All e85 fuel lines

- Sard fuel regulator

- Hyper tune manifold and hyper tune throttle body

- 90mm Turbo smart boost solenoid

- Hks 50mm waste gate Screamer pipe

- BC Valve springs and retainers

- Golebys cam gears

- Gates timing belt

- ethanol sensor flex tune (reads ethanol content in fuel, adjusts tune to suit fuel mixture)

- Mac 3 valve

- boost controller

- HKS T51s turbo Braided oil turbo lines

- Cusco strut tower brace

- Aftermarket radiator

- SARD fuel pressure regulator


- 100mm Air temp sensor (adjusts tune to suit climate)

- 4 bar MAP sensor (uses atmosphere pressure to adjust tune)

- Link G4 ECU.