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1995 NISSAN SKYLINE R33 GTS25T TYPE M *Reserved*

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We have a very clean modified R33 Skyline GTS25T Type M. The highest trim level you can get before you go into the GTR Trim of the R33 models. If you are looking for a great build to continue off of, this is the one. The Mid-Night Purple LP2 paint job is a real eye catcher. If you are looking for a great base with solid basic mods, this R33 is for you. 

Looking for a particular car? Contact us at "carlos@rhdspecialties.com" for more info. 

Miles 168,867KM /  104,929 Miles US 

Mods List (Type M Model)

GTR Style Front Bumper 

GTR Style Wing

400R Style Sideskirts

400R Rear Bumper  

HKS Yellow Mushroom Filter 

Aftermarket Intake Pipe 

Aftermarket FMIC Chargepipe Kit 

Aftermarket Ignition Coil Upgrade 

Aftermarket Shift Knob

Aftermarket Large Intercooler

Painted Genuine Midnight Purple LP2

Series 2 Hood

Type M Grille 

Series 2 Headlights 

Clear Side Markers  

18'in Replica Wheels 

3'in Turbo Back HKS Exhaust 

GTR Door Lock Conversion (comes w/GTR Key)

AC/Heat Functional

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