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We have an amazing piece of JDM History that helped push the Nissan Skyline blood line forward. This is such a rare find you can almost call this a barn yard treasure. This car is in such mint condition with all OEM interior and components with a few added measurements in gauges added to the interior of the vehicle. The DR30 or Skyline 2000 R30 was released back in 1983-1985 and debuted with a 1990CC DOHC inline-4 Turbo (FJ20ET) that pushed 190 HP at 6400 RPMs and 166 lb-ft at 4,800 RPMs. This Skyline was the strongest Japanese Production car of its era. The DR30 even competed in the Australian Touring Car Racing and shared the Australian Manufacturers' Championship with BMW. This thing was way ahead of its time and really helped pushed the Skyline family tree move forward and really set the base for the cars we know now from Nissan. If you are looking for something that no one has, or that is very unique and has alot of history with a brand so great, this is the car to own and add to your collection or to start one off with. Call us today, as these cars will never be found in this condition ever again. 

Are you wanting to locate a car? Contact Carlos at "carlos@rhdspecialties.com" for more info. 

Miles 135,921 KM / 84,457 Miles US 

Mods List 

R32 4 Piston Front Brake Upgrade 

3" Catback Blast Pipes 

Cusco Front Weld-In Coilovers

GREX Auxiliary Oil Cooler 

Blitz Intake Filter 

Ultra Ignition Coil/Wires

DEFI Water Temp

DEFI Oil Temp

DEFI Oil Pressure 

DEFI RPM Gauges w/ Computer 

Greddy Boost Gauge 

Aftermarket Rear Coilovers 

Aftermarket In-Line Fuel Pump

OEM Skyline Rims

OEM Electric windows  


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