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1991 Suzuki Cappuccino

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The Suzuki Cappuccino is a small 2-door, 2-seater detachable hardtop mini car produced by Suzuki Motor Corporation. The vehicle was designed to meet Kei car
 specifications for lower tax and insurance in Japan. Weighing 725 kg (1,598 lb), the Cappuccino is powered by a turbocharged, three-cylinder, 657 cc DOHC engine. 

Front-rear weight distribution is claimed to be 50/50% when both seats are occupied. Layout is front mid-engined and rear-wheel drive. The hood, roof, roll bar and lower front guard panels are aluminium. Three removable roof panels mean that the car can be used as a closed coupe, T-top, targe top, or on retraction of the rear window and roll bar, a full convertable. Roof panels stow in the trunk (taking almost all the luggage space), and the rear window/rollcage assembly retracts into the body behind the seats. With great gas millage and a whole 62 hp this would make a great fun daily driver.

KM 15,224 (Miles 9,582 )